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America's Black Wall Street by Chief Engunwale Amusan - E-Book

America's Black Wall Street by Chief Engunwale Amusan - E-Book

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In his groundbreaking new book, Greenwood descendent, community activist, and owner of The Real Black Wall Street Tour, Chief Egunwale Amusan adds his voice to the legacy of those trying to understand the events of 1921. 

Through spirited personal stories and well-researched essays, Amusan gives reader a fresh take on the legacy of Tulsa's Greenwood and how it embodies something larger than the Massacre of 1921. 


E-book delievered as a .pdf document. 136 pages. 
©2023. Publised by The Real Black Wall Street Tour, LLC. All rights reserved. 


Praise for America's Black Wall Street:

“America’s Black Wall Street is a well-written and well-documented book. Chief Amusan goes beyond the usual account of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and the destruction of Black Wall Street. His descriptions are vivid and his narrative is compelling. He provides an historical and political context, a brilliant, yet overlooked explanation for the 1921 Tulsa massacre and others across the United States. I highly recommend this book.” –– 
Vivian Clark-Adams, Ph.D. Member, the original Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 “


Chief Amusan’s book is courageous, passionate, and enlightening. America’s Black Wall Street may be the most significant read of the present time as it analyzes the power dynamics and political positions of AfricanAmericans throughout Oklahoma, and specifically Greenwood.” — Damario Solomon-Simmons Esq., M.Ed., Founder, Justice for Greenwood

“With scholarly detail, Chief Egunwale Amusan unpacks the brutal violence against Black prosperity and political freedom in Greenwood, and connects those events to ongoing government failure to acknowledge and honor the victims and provide reparative justice. America’s Black Wall Street illuminates a once-ignored, deadly attack on Black success, while also demanding presentday accountability.” — Christian D. Menefee, County Attorney, Harris County Texas

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